About Us

"An art work does not expand, but it condense itself"

Edgar Degas

Based upon the idea introduced by the famous painter Edgar Degas, Smak Jewels developed a new concept based on bringing art to jewellery, which becomes a aesthetic microcosm that you can take with you.

Art, culture and design: it is the fusion of these three elements that distinguishes Smak jewellery

Research and Values

The values that artist Barbara Pole brings to the design of her Smak jewels originate from a deep passion for art, seen as a way of living and feeling. A contemporary vision that brings jewellery making closer to the world of art. At the same time, continually searching for new colours and designs becomes an essential part of the development phase of new collections.

This artistic experience that starts from new ideas being born materialises into every new item. The vision behind Smak jewels focuses on making the emotional jewellery stand out as it binds directly with emotions, personal image and a sense of uniqueness.

Crystal, silver, gold and colours

A precious crystal gem stone features in every piece of jewellery, designed as if it were a small painting. Each collection includes matching modular rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Every piece has a unique expressive power achieved through the unusual combination of paint, crystal, gold and silver warmly entrusted to experienced hand that transfer movement and smoothness to the jewellery, making it unique and unrepeatable. As you observe the minute details that make up each piece, you will discover a multi-coloured world, made of brilliance, colours and nuances: a joy that only a work of art can give. It is a youthful, fresh and avant-garde item that also revisits the past through its original and exquisite interpretations.

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